Markets 15 x Hunters & Collectors Fair

April 29, 2015

Hello friends! It has been a long time since I updated this space. Today I just wanna share my experience at the Markets bazaar held in Jaya One last month on 28-29th March 2015.

Markets bazaar happens once every 3 months and play host to more than 100 vendors ranging from clothing and craft to food and housewares. This time, they partnered with Hunters and Collectors Fair, a Malaysian network of events that offer art, crafts and rare goodies you can't find elsewhere. They are actually a team of graphic designing students from The One Academy who are talented and super duper creative.

Jia Xuan, Sin Wei and I went to the bazaar early on the first day of the bazaar because girls gotta do what girls gotta do. Even if it requires us to wake up early on a Saturday morning.

We went to register at the registration booth and got ourselves a goodies bag each which contained a generous amount of vouchers and collectibles(stickers, bookmarks, etc.) from the various arts and crafts booths.

According to the bazaar layout, there were booths selling arts and crafts, food and snacks, fashion apparels, pre-loved clothes and many more.

We decided to head to the place where they were selling apparels. Most of the vendors here own online boutiques, so basically all of the clothes are primarily featured on their website. But now, you get to see and touch the real thing instead of trying your best to gauge the quality of the apparels by just looking at pictures posted online. Kiss & Tell, Hook Clothing, Tagfive, Peep Boutique, I Can't Sew and Dressabelle were a few online boutiques that had their booths there.

Heels from Kiss & Tell

I didn't take many pictures of the fashion apparels booth cuz I was too busy kiasu-ly searching for clothes. Please forgive me.

Food and snacks~~~

I was pretty amazed at all the unique collectibles that were showcased at the various Hunters & Collectors booths. These students had seriously poured in their hearts, hard work and creativity in designing and producing these one-of-a-kind collectibles.

This girl designed a book for people to doodle on. She asked us to doodle on the board for fun.

Sin Wei drew this little girl with a ribbon in her hair:

while Jia Xuan drew this: (her typical bunny hehe)

Don't ask what I drew cuz I didn't.
My drawing skills are too bad I don't wanna ruin the whole board T.T

This booth was my favourite. Idk why I find the art super nice. I super like.

This graphic designing student happened to be my friend's friend lol! This world so small lah

Habitatt. Supply Co. were also there to showcase their finest temporary tattoos.

I got myself a compass.
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Before we left, we took photos at the photo booth to remember this day ^^

T'was a fun day at the fair~
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Were you at Markets 15 x Hunter & Collectors Fair too? Leave a comment below and tell me about your experience! Would love to hear them ^^ 

Markets @ Jaya One

Hunters & Collectors Fair

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