Borough Market, London

August 6, 2015

I came back from London a week ago but it still seems very surreal to me. Never thought that I would have the opportunity to travel to a place which is so far away from Malaysia so soon, especially when I'm still a student and yet to earn moolah for myself. The plan was very sudden and last minute, but thank God that we still had time to renew my passport and book the flight. I apologise for the late update... I have been spending my time once back in Malaysia learning how to edit photos in Lightroom hence if you noticed, the photos in this blog post look a bit different from my usual ones :)

I went to many tourists attractions while in London and will blog about them in my future posts. But first, I want to share about my visit to Borough Market--- one of the most renowned markets in London thanks to its wide range of British and internationally inspired food and produce. Located near London Bridge tube station, this sprawling market is home to over 100 stalls. 

I went on a Tuesday morning so they did not have a full market but they were open for lunch. Borough Market is opened for lunch every Mondays and Tuesdays; full market is from Wednesday to Saturday; the market is closed on Sundays. 

I headed there with an empty stomach and my intentions sure served me well. Traders were generous with their samplers. If you’re a foodie, Borough Market is heaven. They have everything you could possibly wish for.

From grocery stalls, piled high with fresh fruits and vegetables…

 to delicatessens with high quality charcuterie....

and cheese....

and bakery....

to wine stands with interesting drinks...

 to seafood stalls with fresh lobsters, fish, scallops and oysters....

and the most important of all that got my tummy rumbling, are the street food stalls.

They even sell traditional Malaysian chicken curry. Now that's very familiar! The friendly vendor gave me a sampler on a plastic spoon to savour. Not bad I would say. I'm Malaysian and I approve. *insert Facebook messenger huge thumbs up sign here*

There was a line at Roast to Go so I decided to join in (typical Asian kia-su-ism) and order some nibbles. The stall offers a mouth-watering edit of hot butties and classic roast meat sandwiches.

Pork Scotch egg || £3
A Scotch egg is basically a hard-boiled egg wrapped in minced meat, coated in bread crumbs and deep-fried. A lovely runny middle and a golden crispy outside.

I then headed to the outer section of the market. The outer section has more food stalls rather than groceries and fresh produce. It's the part of the market where most of the stalls open for lunch.

Bread Ahead serves up the most heavenly doughnuts (I know because I did my research online before coming here) at Borough Market. Their established Bread Ahead Bakery is at Cathedral Street but they have a stall here in the market as well. Their doughnut is the creme-filled kind, not the typical hole-in-the-middle ones that we usually see.

Caramel Creme Doughnut with Salted Honeycomb || £2.5
The dough is light, and the caramel fillings rudely abundant and rich. The honeycomb is at the topmost. Extremely crunchy and sometimes sticky, it tends to trap in the fissures of teeth. It was a bit annoying, but I will still tell you that this is the best doughnut that I have ever tasted in my life! No joke. This doughnut is simply amazing. *give full marks*

Mountain's Boston Sausage stand serves their classic Boston Sausage, Boston Chipolatas, Farmhouse Sausage, Raw and Cooked Haslets & Sausage Rolls. 

Sausage-on-a-Stick || £1.5
I ordered a sausage-on-a-stick as it was only £1.5 but immediately regretted it because it was too salty for me. Should have gotten it along with the bread instead.

The Borough Nuts stall has baskets full of dried fruits, nuts, Turkish delights and baklava. Everything is sold by weight at £25 per kilo(except for some), from dried apricots, honey cashews and spicy smoked almonds to chocolate macadamia nuts. Their minimum is 100grams so I bought the minimum.

Honey Cashew Nuts || £2.5 for 100grams
I love their cashewnuts a lot that I had to eat each cashew slowly and refrain myself from gobbling all up by keeping them in my bag for later. Oh how we go nuts for nuts... (okay maybe only me)

Besides selling stuff that you can put into your tummy, Borough Market also has stalls that sell fresh blooms.

Most visitors to Borough Market would not realize they were walking past a location used in many films. Adjoining the market is the Market Porter Pub. It was transformed into the "Third Hand Book Emporium" in "Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban" movie.

Situated next to the Market Porter Pub is the flower shop Chez Michele. This shopfront was used as a film location for "The Leaky Cauldron" in one of the Harry Potter films as well.

Further down and hidden away in a corner of Borough Market is the memorial to the invasion of London by a squad of Mary Poppins paratroopers. Not really. Hahaha. It was installed during the Olympics. Regardless, this assemblage of parasols in Vinopolis Piazza is a beautiful sight. I'm so glad that I did my research before visiting Borough Market else I will definitely miss these interesting spots :')

There are quite a few markets in London, like Portobello Market and Camden Lock Market, but one of the most well known and historically significant is Borough Market.

When you’re in London, spending a few hours eating through Borough Market is a great idea.

Borough Market

8, Southwark Street,
London. SE1 1TL
(Interactive map)

+44 20 7407 1002

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Open for Lunch
Mon & Tues : 10am-5pm

Full Market
Wed - Thurs : 10am-5pm
Fri : 10am-6pm
Sat : 8am-5pm

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