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August 12, 2015

Another month, another café. Looks like Melaka folks are really into this café trend now huh? After a long vacay in London, I finally got to meet up a few of my secondary school friends to have a café-hopping session in our hometown- Melaka. We hopped a few cafes and I was full with avidity to take pretty photos of café interiors. I'm more interested in pretty café designs now rather than pretty food designs. I’m not sure why. But the sad thing is that I left my camera at home because I'm forgetful like that. *slap self*

With that, I lost the mood of taking pictures that day. But I just couldn't help myself and swiped to my iPhone camera when we were at Grow Coffee café. Grow Coffee has a surprisingly nice interior! Minimalistic yet not plain; spacious yet not empty. I wonder if their food or coffee are on par with their interior. 

We heard that their honey toast is nice so we wanted to order that. It took some time for us to decide but after much deliberation, we chose Strawberry Lover because one of us loves strawberries a lot.

Strawberry Lover Honey Toast || RM20
I find the name a bit sappy. Just a bit. But the toast is good though! Not too hard. Well-drenched in honey. The only downside is the ice cream on top. We could taste that it is typical ice cream of a certain brand (that I will not mention here) which got us disappointed after the initial good perception. If the ice cream is of better quality and texture, this dessert would definitely taste a lot better and of course, more value-for-money.

Pay this café a visit if you’re in Melaka. If you’re a minimalist, you will love their interior. If you’re an Indie/alternative music lover, you will love their chill music. If you're a coffee lover... I don't know. Because I don't drink coffee (sorry). Try the other honey toasts that they offer and leave a comment below to let me know if they are worth me going back again for another try.

Grow Coffee

6 Jalan Kota Laksamana 3/7
Taman Mahajaya
75200 Melaka

12pm - 12am daily
(closed on Mondays)

+6 016 2289321
+6 016 8709321

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  1. nice photos! great cafe! :P


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