Bean Reserve @The Co. Bangsar

October 2, 2015

Just me thinking about the happy days when I was halfway across the globe from where I am now.

Clinical session was cut short last Friday because many lecturers took the day off, so I had decided to visit a new cafe that morning. Tucked in a charismatic, sunlight-filled bungalow that primarily houses The Co. (an impressive co-working space) in Bangsar, Bean Reserve is an oasis of soft serves that surpasses its minimalistic interior(and exterior) and profoundly delights the eyes and tastebuds.

Be sure to look out for this sign when you pass by Jalan Abdullah in Bangsar or else you will definitely miss it. The bungalow is rather hidden when many cars are parked in front of it.

The cafe started their business only last month, but many noteworthy Instagramers had already posted up photos of this lovely new place and I can see why. The cafe itself is an inviting space full of natural light during the day (made possible by their glass shutter windows). The white walls, exposed bricks, concrete flooring and the wooden furnishing are just too photogenic.

The cafe serves typical cafe food and beverages. We wanted to head there for lunch but soon realised that the heaviest meal that we can get is a sandwich when we were already at the counter. Still good enough. #dietplanstartsnow

Croissant || RM 5

Smoked Salmon Sandwich || RM18

Turkey Ham Pineapple Sandwich || RM18

The cafe has really nice natural lighting to make your photos looks really good. The tables and stools have pretty cool designs as well. I saw somebody posted a photo with the stool upside down and his cup of coffee placed inside. Creative people nowadays. 

We were all excited when the soft serve with espresso was served. *quickly swipe to iphone camera*

Soft Serve Affogato || RM15

The coffee spill was unintentional but it created a beautiful mess. (unleashing the creative artsy fartsy in me) 

Bean Reserve makes their own cereal milk soft-serve ice cream. I heard that they will come up with more flavours soon but for now, you can either have it with cornflakes as the topping for RM8/cup, or add more 'ohm' to it with a shot of espresso for RM15. It is so unique it deserves an applause. Haha.

With its charming interior, friendly staff and delicious comfort food, Bean Reserve is a welcoming retreat from the busy city. It is a charming little cafe with a bright future.

Bean Reserve @The Co. Bangsar

8 Lengkok Abdullah
59000 Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur

9am-6.30pm daily

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