Galeri Seni Univerisiti Malaya

November 23, 2015

Woke up early on Wednesday after Dzone Camp to go back to Melaka. But first, Janice and I visited the art gallery in our university. My dental society president insisted for me to visit that place because he wants me to include the dental art exhibition into our annual InciDent magazine. Fyi, I'm the editor-in-chief. *insert cool dude with shades here*

Silly me did not know where the art gallery of our university is located at even though I had been studying in this university for more than two years already.  (But I soon came to realise that a lot of UM students do not know of this place as well). I went to the Muzium Seni Asia inside UM instead. Wrong place.

Art Museum? Art Gallery? Both seem the same... but they are actually different. #samesamebutdifferent I was so confused because when I went to the Asian Arts Museum all that I could see were ancient Asian artifacts. Those old pots and plates kind of stuff.

Thank goodness the person there was helpful enough.

"Abang, mana tempat yang ada benda-benda pergigian punya?"
"Oh! Itu dekat Galeri Seni tingkat lima bungunan Chanseleri. Bukan sinilah"


I was amazed when I got there. I never knew this hipster place existed inside UM . Not many people visit this place because they don't know (that's why it is hipster haha)

Jaw dropped.

Some of the artworks here are for sale.

I took many photos of the dental exhibition with my camera. Everything inside the art gallery is just so photogenic. Already feeling very excited to curate them! I shall not release the photos here before the magazine is published because I'm professional like that. Hahaha. Gonna make sure that this year's InciDent magazine will be a good one.

Galeri Seni Universiti Malaya
Aras 5 Bangunan Canseleri
Universiti Malaya
50603, Kuala Lumpur.

(admission is free to public)

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