December 6, 2015

Soooooooo, yesterday was my 21st birthday. *yayyyyyy* Those who are close to me might know that I really really really want a 21st birthday party for myself because I've never had a birthday party before in my entire life. While growing up, I attended many of my friends' birthday parties over the years and figured that I would wait until the time when I turn twenty one for me to host my own birthday party. A big and happening one. With those helium balloons and fancy tall cakes. Yup, that kind.

I started planning since 6 months ago (kiasu, no?). Just a rough idea though. But I already knew what I wanted. Too bad that in the end, all of the plans and ideas gotta remain inside the folded page of my notebook because I just didn't have time to arrange for it to happen! :'( Being busy and responsible for so many things, I finally persuaded myself to forget about the whole idea. A birthday party can wait, even if the perfect time has passed. Priorities have to be set right first. #ihavenotime #goodbyechildhooddream

Nevertheless, my girls still wanted to celebrate my turning into a legal person so they planned for a little gathering among the few of us. We celebrated my birthday a month earlier because all of us have different schedules and it's really difficult for us to find a suitable date for all in December. Had a big time privilege when Christine was willing to arrange for this or else I think it would not have happened as well. 

I first met up with my two best friends from high school. Zhi Qiong and Christine. We booked a spot for high tea in the Drawing Room of the Majestic Hotel KL.

"The Drawing Room provides the ideal setting for partaking of that most quintessential of English traditions, Afternoon Tea."

Previously not 21 so cannot act like tai tai yet. Now can already :P

(fail. i still look 13 lol) 

When the afternoon tea session was over, I was given back my helium balloons. Christine and Zhi Qiong bought helium balloons for me. And yes, the waiter kept the helium balloons throughout our afternoon tea session because balloons are not allowed in the dining area -.- Tais tais don't use balloons you see... It's okay though. We could still take photos with the balloons at the hotel lobby.

Look at the pretty handmade pop-up birthday card they did for me! So much effort from these two :') I appreciate the sincerity. Thank you girls :') As cliche as it may sound, they're always there for me no matter when and what happens. Love them to the moon and back!

Next, after high tea in Majestic Hotel, I made my way to the second little party/gathering. Christine came with me because she belongs to this other group of friends as well.

Can't wait to finally meet up with my matriculation friends! Not all, of course. Only the ones that I grew very close to and became the best of friends during that one-year programme. Christine and I arrived first at Acme Bar so while waiting for Xin Wei and Huey Wen, we took some pictures. Of moi.

My Furla mini bag being so classy I had to snap a photo of it. 

Finally the girls arrived! 

 Huey Wen, who came all the way from UPM.

and Xin Wei, all the way from..... UM. Haha. Despite studying in the same university, I hardly get to see her around. Our courses are just too demanding. #webothhavenotime

Acme Bar's signature sizzling brownie. 

Wanted to post only the nicest picture but unable to because sizzling brownie is photogenic from any angle. I'm already craving for it now just by looking at the pictures.

Was my first time in Acme Bar and I really like the atmosphere of this place. Too bad the sky turned dark later in the evening and the place became a tad too dark for photos. But we still tried out best to make them work anyway. By placing candles in front of us, using torchlight from our phones...... Anything. Anything for good photos.

We talked so much about everything. It's funny how all four of us ended up with four different courses but all in the healthcare field. Huey Wen is taking veterinary science; Xin Wei- medicine, Christine- pharmacy and yours truly, dentistry.

Life in matriculation would not be bearable without them :')


Last Monday, the dental buddies surprised Kang Xian and I with cake and a card! It was right after the cultural show at Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya. Belated birthday for him but an early birthday for me. Thanks buddies! #secondbirthdaycake

Yesterday(which was my actual birthday), Tsui Yan and Kai Zhe surprised me with a car trip to Bangsar for dessert. Say wanted to meet me at MidValley but in the end asked me to "come over to the grabcar now cuz we can't park here for too long"! I had to pack my just-about-to-eat-KGB-burger just so I can rush to the car. Surprise game strong. What GrabCar promo code all XD I was indeed amused. Thank you guys!

Halfway while eating our waffles and ice cream, I received a call from my clinical partner asking me where I am. He bought me a slice of cake for my birthday and told me to let him know once I return to campus so that he can pass it to me. So I got myself my #thirdbirthdaycake! (well technically it's the first birthday cake on the actual day but some celebrations were made earlier so yea)

Thank you Izzul! It's truly a blessing to have you as my clinical partner. With you, everyday is a no-stress day cuz you bring joy and laughter to everyone around you :')

I took the slice of cake up to my room and while eating it, a few of my dental coursemates surprised me with cake again! They sang the birthday song while barging into my room. It was so sudden that it startled me so I dropped my plastic fork to the floor lol #fourthbirthdaycake

The girls- Pei Shuang, Jie Yen and Jia Jia then stayed a while in my room as we chit-chatted. My roommates- Kai Shi and Yee Qian, were also part of the surprise (but Kai Shi accidentally fell asleep while waiting to give them the cue). Hahaha. Cute little beings :') Thank you girlss.

This morning after church service, my cell group surprised me with cakeeeeeeee. Again. #fifthbirthdaycake

They prayed for me after singing the birthday song and it was really touching. It's wonderful to have a spiritual family in this church that truly cares and support one another. Despite all the negativity from the media lately, I still hold on dearly to this family because I learnt how to grow and live for Christ with these people right here. "Love God. Think others." I don't think there's anything wrong with that :') 

Turning twenty one is a big deal to most people because it somehow signifies that we have reached yet another important milestone in life. The season has arrived that we finally step into adulthood (I can finally vote! :D). But it's also a reminder to me that there is still a long way to go in life. Being an adult now shouldn't give me any excuse to be full of myself because pride makes a person blind. I want to constantly realign myself and stay humble in all things for Jesus says, "Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all."

I'm so blessed to have two loving parents that always want the best for me. (My father will always say "When you come back I'll cook big fish for you ah!"; and my mum would always phone me to tell me that she misses me) I have no words to describe how thankful I am to have such amazing people in my life that constantly shower me with love. Be it family or friends or leaders, all of you played a role in shaping the person that I have become today. Thank you so much for being apart of my life.

I guess meaningful little get-togethers like these are way much better than a big scale party with everyone sticking to their own cliques. (Okay maybe I will cancel throwing myself a birthday bash off my bucket list) I want more heartfelt gatherings please! :')

Officially twenty one.

Thanks for all the love :')

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