Worthy Book : F&B and Ladies Edition 2015-2016 [Review]

December 29, 2015

Hello again lovely people! Today, I'm gonna review Worthy Book: F&B and Ladies Edition 2015-2016.

If you haven't known already, Worthy Book is basically a book filled with tons of discount vouchers from over 120 brands all over Malaysia. There are two editions: the F&B edition and the Ladies edition. I'll be reviewing this book based on its content, design, convenience and price. My final verdict will be at the very end so do read on!

1. Content

For the F&B edition 2015-2016
-180 F&B vouchers (worth over RM3000)
-Features 45 brands of restaurants and F&B franchises in Klang Valley and other states (e.g. 3 Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf, A Pie Thing, Brotzeit, Eggette Lab, Gelatomio, Morganfield’s, MyBurgerLab and many more)
-Comes with editor reviews, “Must Try” recommendations, outlet contact details, food pictures, opening hours, etc
-All vouchers valid until 30 September 2016

For the Ladies edition 2015-2016,
-160 discount vouchers (if you use all of them, you actually save more than RM20,000)
-Features popular shopping, beauty, fashion brands in Malaysia (e.g. Zalora, Body Shop, Xixili, Celebrity Fitness, f block, Ice Watch, Himalaya, TNS Skinlab and many more)
-Covers over 80 Shopping Malls
-All vouchers valid until 30 September 2016

Click the links below to view the full list of all available vouchers in these two editions: 

2. Design

The size of the book is (8.5'' x 6'') and it is not too bulky as well. It's able to fit snugly into my M&S sling bag, still leaving ample space for my wallet, phone and powerbank. Hence, I bring the Worthy Book F&B Edition everywhere I go because I'm constantly exploring and eating whenever I'm out and about.

My friends and I refer to the book as it kinda acts like a food guide for us to decide what we are going to eat next. Also, it's safe to keep the book around me anyway because my friends might suddenly decide to dine in a place where there are vouchers available and I will be upset if I cannot redeem those discounts or freebies if the book is not with me :( 

I'm more of a foodie than a fashion addict so I'll usually keep the Worthy Book Ladies edition at home and only tear off the specific vouchers that I want for me to bring along in my wallet. It's fairly simple to tear off the vouchers as well because there are cut dotted lines. 

3. Convenience

What I like about both editions is that they conveniently categorise every brand based on type, shopping mall or location so that the users can easily flip to the index to search for respective vouchers rather than rummaging through every page.

Take for example for the F&B edition, if I want to eat something Western, I shall flip to the index where it shows 'Western'; if I want something to snack on while in Mid Valley megamall, I shall flip to the index where it shows 'Mid Valley'; or, when I'm back in my hometown in Melaka, I shall just flip to the index where it shows 'Melaka' to view all the available vouchers that I can use there.

This makes it extremely easy for me because I do not like to waste time searching for vouchers when I'm hungry... With this considerate feature, it will not be of any hassle at all. Kudos to the Worthy Book editorial team for making it so easy for its users.

4. Price

Worthy Book F&B Edition : RM29.90
Worthy Book Ladies Edition : RM25.00

In my opinion, with a price like that, it is definitely value-for-money because the amount of discounts you can get will definitely be more than the price that you pay for the book. 

I used the "buy second item at 50% off" and "RM10 voucher" for The Cocoa Trees and managed to save approximately RM22.00 on chocolates and jelly beans. Thankful that I got to do my Christmas shopping at lower prices :')

Received a free sundae (worth RM11) when I purchased The Wolf's Favourite at Pigs & Wolf, Pavilion.

For the ladies edition, I managed to save around RM95 by using two discount vouchers when I shopped at XIXILI! Much comforting :') (no pun intended)

In a nutshell, Worthy Book is definitely a must-buy if you want to save more on food and shopping. It has good content, a handy design and very convenient features. You don't even have to use all of the vouchers to get back your cost of the book. 

Where to buy? All major bookstores.

Alternatively, you can also purchase online at : http://www.worthybook.sto.my/

If you're already a Worthy Book user, drop a comment below and tell me your experience using it! Would love to hear from you too :)

Worthy Book 

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