To Live and Let Dye

July 4, 2016

 NUMBER76 at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

I've always wanted colourful hair. My coursemates are aware of this wish of mine because I've asked them a zillion times what colour I should try out first. But being in dental school in a public university, I cannot just dye my hair any colour I want, plainly because... rules. I have rules to follow :') 'Dentists' and 'crazy hair' just don't go together. So, when the long-awaited semester break finally arrived, I went over to Number76 salon in Bangsar to have my hair coloured (like finally)

It was my first time bleaching so I decided to only get underlights, which is to only bleach dye the inner part of my hair. Gotta prepare myself to cover up the colours just in case it doesn't turn out as I expected. I have high hopes! I don't want the colours to disappoint :')

Enough of words. I'll let the photos do the talking now.


My hair condition before this ....

Getting my fringe trimmed...

I actually did a vlog about the whole process. Please kindly watch it would you? I've spent hours on Youtube tutorials learning how to edit videos in Final Cut Pro for this. Yes I'm lousy and pathetic like that :')

*big shoutout to Khe Sin for helping me in recording this vlog

I noticed that I missed out mentioning something in my vlog:

- Calvin the senior stylist didn't only bleach dye the inner parts, he also dyed my remaining hair brown because of the dark roots that have grown. They have grown over the past few months when I was at my busiest and didn't have the time to visit the salon for touch-ups :')

- I also did scalp and hair treatment. Milbon Plarmia scalp treatment and ultrasonic iron hair treatment to be exact. On a side note, Number 76 is having a new Milbon treatment starting 1st of July--- Plarmia Refining scalp and hair treatment. It's for both scalp and hair(duh, even the name says so). Introductory price of RM160 only (normal price RM200) so why not give it a try? And lemme know how it goes. Read my previous post on the scalp treatment I did in Number76 Mid Valley.

After 6 hours, my hair is done and I'm very happy with the outcome! Violette now haz violet (and blue) hair!!!

*One of the staff asked why did I choose to become a fighting fish. Hahaha...

It has already been two weeks but the colours have not fade yet. Amazing. Yet I secretly wished that it would fade faster so that I can try out other colours soon heheh. Semester break is only for 2 months. Gotta make full use of the time to try out as many colours as I can before cutting my hair short again :')

Have you ever bleach dyed your hair before? Did it turn out the way you wanted? Share with me about your experiences in the comments section below. Would love to hear your stories! (Suggest some colours/ new hair trends for me to try out too)

Number76 Hair Salon - Bangsar
+603 2283 1776 / 2776
10:00 - 22:00 (Daily)

50, Ground Floor,
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

*Located by the main road, across the road from a residential area.
Same row as Imperial Dentist Specialist and HSBC bank, exactly next to Pos Malaysia post office.



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  2. Hi, may I know how much is it to do underlights like this?

    1. Hello there, I'm very very sorry for the late reply! It varies depending on how many times you have to bleach. At Number76, it costs round RM500-600 :)


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