The Tiny Temptress Artisan Patisserie @Sri Petaling

August 15, 2016

Of salted egg yolk macarons and everything nice

The Tiny Temptress(TTT) is a new cafe located in Sri Petaling along Jalan Radis Bagus 8 (just right above Softsrve ice cream parlour). It's located on the first floor. If you're the healthy type, you can opt for the stairs;

or, if you would like to give your legs a break, take the lift. The words "Tiny Temptress" engraved in gold on the elevator doors are there to welcome.

I've seen many pictures of this place on Instagram and I love how they utilise pantone colours for the interior design. Rose gold and serenity(more like grey tho)- they are the colours of the year. And white. No one can go wrong by using white :')

Their packaging box and logo background are also using the same colour choices.

  Pillows of the same colour theme, filling up the white bench.

The cafe is spacious with many seatings both indoors and outdoors. We wanted to sit outdoors at first because of the natural lighting(good for taking photos heh). But it was too hot that afternoon so we decided to plonk our arses inside instead.

Jovian, my cafe hopping partner of the day.

The menu (front)

The menu (back)

Our orders were served on a hexagonal tray, making the desserts even more Instagram-worthy.

Now for the individual review...

#1 BEAR NECESSITY(left) || RM14
Oolong infused chocolate mousse, passion fruit Belgium milk chocolate ganache, marzipan chocolate sponge, biscuit base

*cues The Jungle Book song* Look for the bare necessities~ The simple bare necessities~~ Well I'm not quite sure about what "necessity" the song's referring to but this dessert right here is definitely a necessity for every customer who visits. So heavenly. Much smooth. Too good. Most NECESSARY. The chocolate mousse is layered into this dome of goodness. Be sure to order this if you happen to visit this cafe. 

#2 TINY TEMPTRESS(right) || RM16
Raspberry curd, chocolate glaze, rose whipped, almond cream, handmade tart shells

This is their best seller(note the gold leaf). The raspberry curd is very dense and has a generous portion. I would recommend taking small bites of this dessert in order to savour it slowly and to not overwhelm your tastebuds. After all, it's meant to tempt you on every bite.

Mango cheese pastry cream, mandarin sauce

To be very honest with you, I ordered this because it looks cute :3 But it tasted decent too! This crunchy cream puff had mango cheese cream in it. The mango cheese was subtle (which is a good thing) and went very well with the mandarin sauce in the middle. Not bad. But I still prefer the first two desserts over this one here.

TTT is proud of its 100% handmade macarons and French patisserie. It insists on using premium ingredients and Belgium chocolate to ensure the finest taste and texture of the macarons. It also claims to have done the math and reduced the sweetness of normal macarons by 30%.

The price isn’t cheap but then again, it is something different and unique after all. Salted egg yolk ganache sandwiched between two sweet meringue biscuit. It somewhat reminded us about the taste of mooncakes. But a less saltier version maybe? I would still order this only if the price was the same as the other classic macarons(which is RM6).

#5 MINI MACARONS || RM3/piece
Blue- chocolate mint; Pink- lychee rose; Yellow- passion fruit. I love all of them except the mint flavoured one. But I may be biased because mint macarons are always not to my liking.

We were lucky because the day we visited the cafe was the day they officially released their Pokemon-themed macarons. With all the Pokemon Go hype going on right now in Malaysia, how can Pokemon trainers say 'no' to these four?

Pikachu- passion fruit; Jigglypuff- lychee rose; Poliwag- chocolate mint; Eevee- Belgium dark chocolate

Overall, their macarons were good but we've tasted better ones. The Bear Necessity is a must-order. If you want to buy their Pokemon macarons, be sure to visit them soon because I assume that they will only sell for a limited time only. Appreciate their beautiful interior while you're there too ;)


 No. 8-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 8,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

03 9054 3716

Business hours: 
Tue-Thu: 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Fri-Sat: 1:00 pm - 12:00 am
Sun: 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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