October 29, 2016

Two more months till the end of 2016.
Wew. That's fast.

Recently I've shifted to a new place. University Tower. Just across the road from my dental faculty. 10mins walking time to class. Yays. Just that I gotta make sure that I'm fully awake before crossing the busy road at 7.50am everyday. The odds of me getting hit by a car is pretty high :') But then again, UM hopsital's emergency department is even nearer. The odds that I'll survive an accident there is also pretty high. 

I entered 4th year in dental school. First day of school really sucks.
We had inventory and I got so bored and sulky I went about InstaStory-ing the stuff I have in my cubicle.

I got back to the momentum of life as a dental student (thankfully) and I'm happy that we get to learn new stuff.
Suturing is kinda like sewing, just that you sew on people. *insert creepy face here* 

Then we learned how to wrap patients up like tortillas for wisdom tooth surgery.
Before wrapping patients, we wrapped each other first. For practice purposes. 

Cafes and eateries that I've visited for the past two months:
Botanica Deli, Botanica + Co, GOOD by Pencil Planning, Zeus Thirteen, Softcore, One Half, Chimi Churri, Top Catch Fisheries

No matter how busy my schedule is, I will always make time for people who matter. Like these girls. <3 p="">

Gladys' subzone retreat! We had a short getaway to a staycation in an oriental house in... KL.
Spent the long weekend with these lovely people. 

Went to TREC KL for the first time.

Had lunch with the Fuzzy Logic team at Enorme. The pizzas were huge!

This semester, my coursemates and I will be having a community field project.
We will head to a village to conduct health promotion activities in February next year.
In order to plan a proper programme, we went to Kampung Kundang in Banting to survey the place and gauge the health level of the community.

The preschool children there were so adorable!

So proud of my buddy Dr Khor Kang Xian for graduating! Officially a doctor now.
Can't wait for my turn to graduate already hahah

I came across one of her covers on YouTube a few years back and became a fan of her ever since.
Always wondered if her voice would still sound the same as in her videos if she sang LIVE because her voice in her videos is always flawless... The answer is yes :')

I was right in front of the stage because they let the meet-and-greet ticket holders enter the hall first.
So worth my hundred and eighty eight bucks.


That's all for this post.
Sorry for the lack of update on my personal life!
Just struck me recently that I've stopped blogging about myself.
Gotta get the blogging momentum going again hence this post.

Till then. x

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