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December 22, 2016

Indulge in an enjoyable recollection of the past

How many of you have ever used a dial phone before? Or have collections of saga seeds kept inside a glass bottle? Or have any childhood experience buying snacks from those big containers with red lids? I know I have. Seeing these old school decors in Reminisce made me reminisce the past. And I’m only 22(a 90s kid but now I feel so old already lols)! What more will the 80s(or even older) kids feel when they step foot into this restaurant!

Located on the Ground External Floor, facing The Gardens Mall, Reminisce is positively insane to offer fine fare in an area famed for lavish eats. But with its ingenious recipes at incredibly modest prices, it's a space you will want to bring everyone you know for a (cheap) treat! It is a non-halal restaurant serving cuisines ranging from local to Western. Priced range is estimated around RM12-RM22.

The restaurant has an interesting concept of creating an atmosphere for patrons to be transported back to the 1980s and is also able to serve you with your childhood cravings. Now you can relive your past by entering this time machine called Reminisce.


#1 一罐午餐肉 || RM 13.90
Deep fried pork luncheon meat

A full can’s worth of luncheon meat nicely sliced and deep fried.
This is one of Reminisce’s signature dish because of its unique food display.
Despite being deep fried, the luncheon meat was not too dry but in fact moderately soft on the inside. 

 #2 黃金右腳 || RM 19.90
Signature-pan fried chicken chop with pumpkin gravy

This succulent chicken paired so well with the pumpkin gravy.
A different approach from the usual gravy you get in typical chicken chop dishes.

#3 芝士脆炸雞扒 || RM 21.10
Cheesy crispy chicken chop with fries & condiments

Choice of sauce: black pepper or white mushroom sauce.
Crunchy exterior and then, fleshy chicken meat within, this dish was my favourite of the day.
Probably I’m a lover of all things cheesy?

#4 奶油豬仔飯 || RM 17.90
Butter pork belly served with steamed rice

This dish is on it’s way to becoming the hero on this menu.
A generous portion of pork belly pieces  dipped in buttery sauce that straddles a unique balance between light and creamy.
The spicy sambal egg that comes together is also just right to balance out the dish.

#5 我們的辣辣椰漿飯 || RM 22.90
Our “nasi lemak” with curry chicken, sambal squid & chicken satay

All three side dishes are balanced out so you get a taste of everything without one overwhelming the other.
The curry chicken and sambal squid were not overly spicy; the satay was delicious without needing any peanut sauce.

#6 炭燒沙爹串  
* ½ dozen RM 13.90
* 1 dozen RM 23.90
* 2 dozen RM 43.90
Chicken satay with condiments

You know the feeling of being cheated when most of the “meat” you get is always chicken fat?
Well, you don’t have to worry about that here.
The satays are all legit chicken meat skewered together and roasted to perfection. 

#7 咖哩雞叻沙 || RM 14.90
Our curry “laksa” with chicken

With choices of koay teow, mee hoon or yellow mee, this dish is not one to miss.
Our bowl of noodles in laksa soup delights with the splendid flavours of bean sprouts and chicken slices. 

#8 芋頭甜薯年糕夾 || RM 5.90
Crispy “nian gao” with yam & sweet potato

This is a worthy sweet treat that somewhat reminded me of the rice cakes we have during CNY.
It was not too oily despite being deep fried.

 #9 七龍珠與功夫熊貓 || RM 8.90
Soya black “cincau” drink with homemade soya jelly

The homemade soya jelly balls take the focus here.
Cold and bouncy with a refreshing taste, the jelly along with this drink
is absolutely appropriate to wash down that scrumptious meal.

 #10 白雪皑皑 || RM 9.90
Icey soursop blended with popping jelly

If you like it sweeter, the ice blended section of the menu is promising.
This drink includes real bits and pieces of soursop at the bottom. 

 The next time lunch hour swings around, bring your colleagues for something affordable and yummy! Don't miss their value for money set lunch (hint: more than 40 variety sets on weekdays starting from RM14.90). Or, come for casual dining — a simple celebration with family or a pleasant dinner with your partner.


 Lot GE 019, Ground External Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Mid Valley City 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

03 2201 8168

Business hours: 
Everyday from 1000-2300

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