Dead Space

December 30, 2017

A space that is dead is what my blog space is right now. I wish to write more here; to keep an online diary of what's going on in my life. But the thing is, I really do not have the time. So here's a quick update on my life thus far.

1. Final Year Research
My research partner and I chose a topic on oral cancer. Spent our last semester break learning the laboratory DOs and DONTs; specifically, how to use a micropipette. It's tough work. You need a lot of focus and precision. Report writing was something new to us as well. The process was tedious.

2. #PURPOSEuphoria

First time helping out with the one-month long youth conference in my church. Was in charged of social media. Forced myself to pick up Photoshop within that month. Tiring but fulfilling. Worth it in the end cuz we won Gold for that category!

3. Besties' and Buddy's Graduation

My two best friends Christine and Zhi Qiong graduated! And my buddy Caryn too! Can't wait for my turn next.

4. #GoodVibesFestival2017

Just had to go for this cuz LANY was performing. Would you believe me if I said it was my first time in Genting Highlands?

5. Penang Trip with Buddies
Eating good food and taking nice photos, bonding with my buddies along the way.

6. Graduated from Leaders Training
Humbled. Still have so much more to learn.

7. Completed First Half of Final Year
Dental school has been nothing short of a struggle. Time passes so fast yet so slow at the same time. I'm just glad we've all made it this far. If everything goes well, I'll graduate as a dental surgeon by this October.

8. Turned 23
Oh no. Older and fatter now.

Apart from all these, I'm also thankful for all the gatherings and meet-ups with friends and family. What is life without these wonderful people? :')

There are just too many photos in my photo album and I can't possibly upload them all. Sorry if I missed out any of you. Whether we are close or not, just know that all of you have a special place in my heart.

Thank you 2k17. You've been a great one.

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